Antiques 3.0

March 19, 2020
Paul Bert Serpette

Paul Bert Serpette is full of treasures from all periods and styles. Deprived of the pleasure of walking through the alleys, we are fortunate to be able to present you these extraordinary riches on and on Instagram. During the exceptional closing of the market, more than never, antiques dealers use these networks to continue their activity and to inspire you.

Four antique dealers from Paul Bert Serpette tell us about their experiences about online selling :

Pascal Weitz passionate antique dealer, mirror and gilded wood specialist, Henri Pelazzo and Corinne Lexcellent, generalist merchants with a keen eye, also Nans Bouchet, one of the youngest merchants of Paul Bert Serpette, specialist in design and architectural furniture and Joëlle Juhen, who presents design icons from the 60s to the 80s every week.

How did they start to sell on Internet ?

The all start on the Internet very naturally. Like Joëlle Juhen, some merchants were even present on the web even before having a physical shop.

Pascal Weitz, an antiques dealer for many years, got into it later, after having noticed that some of his colleagues sold very well on the Internet in times of crisis "When I got started, sales exploded instantly, " 

Sometimes considered as a showcase for their stand, like Corinne Lexcellent and Henri Pelazzo, the web is a very active place of sale for other. Nans Bouchet, tells us "that a physical place goes hand in hand with a online store, this is even an extension of it. He underlines that " The profession has changed, today we cannot sit still and wait for customers to come to us, it's up to us to go get them " A third of its global sales are made on the Internet and Instagram

Which distribution channels?

The proposition of online sale of second-hand goods has been around for a long time, but can sometimes seem complicated or impersonal. Paul Bert Serpette has his own online sales platform and his Instagram account, on which antique dealers can present their goods, this presentation virtual allows a connection between the antique dealer and the client, like those that take place in the alleys of Paul Bert Serpette. Some international decorators who cannot go to Paul Bert Serpette every weekend enjoy browsing the pages of the website or Instagram, looking for inspiring pieces Nans Bouchet's customers even told him that buying on the Paul Bert Serpette site is a guarantee of quality

Joëlle Juhen underlines the fact that Instagram and Paul Bert Serpette's site are complementary " On Instagram, the majority of our customers are very international. This serves as a support for establishing new contacts or maintaining our existing network. As for the site people loyal to Paul Bert Serpette ”

But then can we sell any type of objects on the Internet?

Henri Pelazzo and Corinne Lexcellent point out that once a bond of trust has been established with the client, sales can be triggered fairly quickly, certain clients, in particular Americans, being very comfortable with digital sales tools. "Pascal Weitz tells us For Joëlle Juhen, social networks and the Internet make it possible to maintain contacts.

The Internet is ultimately an extension of everyone's stand, whether it triggers an online sale or whether it inspires a potential customer to go to Paul Bert Serpette. The quest for inspiration is fueled by visual publications and makes the work of decorators easier. that of the individual looking for new products