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Paul Bert Serpette

Discover the advantages of renting works of art with option to buy. Beyond a crush, antiques can be a smart investment…

Bail Art, a company specializing in the leasing of works of art, was created in 2009 and offers collectors and professional customers a tool to optimize their acquisition. Indeed, leasing makes it possible to obtain a tax advantage for the activity and the possibility of a personal purchase option for a residual value at the end of the rental contract.

  • Leasing makes it possible to make savings in corporation tax, or income tax, as rents are part of operating expenses, they are deductible from taxable income.
  • Leasing makes it possible to spread the cost of the purchase while achieving significant tax savings.
  • Leasing does not affect the borrowing capacity and lightens the top of the balance sheet, because it does not impact the apparent indebtedness of your company.
  • Once the contract has come to an end, the works can be bought back for an amount of 5 to 7% of the initial value of the work.

Beyond these tax benefits, the presence of works of art within companies encourages sharing, helps to assert an identity and develop attractiveness. They also have the ability to improve the quality of the working environment, in a sustainable spirit to participate in the well-being of employees.

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