François-Xavier Chamagne



Marché Serpette
Alley 6 Stand 20-21
20th century
 +33 (0)6 84 20 41 63

" Where is the kid? " We hear in the alleys of Serpette. The same is Francois-Xavier Chamagne. But do not rely on his young age, François-Xavier Chamagne is far from being a novice. Discreet, he watches on his stand, watching. Ready to show, explain, tell. The antiquities he knows. It is his ray, his domain, his passion. Arrived in January 2015 at Serpette, he has been a merchant for eight years already. Paul Bert Serpette, he dreamed of it. This is the place to be. Especially in its beginnings. Everyone passes by there, merchants, customers, Parisians and foreigners, amateurs or connoisseurs. In the midst of one's own, one feels surrounded, supported, valued. What more can you ask for when starting in the old?

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