Olivier d'Ythurbide et Benoit Fauquenot

Olivier et Benoit d'Ythurbide et Fauquenot
Olivier d'Ythurbide et Benoit Fauquenot


Marché Serpette
Alley 6 Stand 24 & 25
Period19th century
Phone +33(0)6 07 31 99 07

Olivier d'Ythurbide after ten years at "La Salle de Vente Saint-Honore" rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris from 1981 to 1991, where he learned his craft through contact with professionals and experts in antiques, became director of the auction room and responsible for the publication of "La Gazette Saint-Honoré"; at the beginning of 1992 he moved to the market SERPETTE then in 1995 joined forces with Benoît Fauquenot to acquire at the beginning of 1996 stand 25 alley 6 of the market Serpette, the biggest shop they will renovate to create a sales area very quickly too small ! September 2014 extension "Selected Pieces" in the extension (stand 24 alley 6) where they welcome you. Our vocation is to recreate with furniture, objects and paintings selected with care in our tours of "china" a property interior from the 18th to the 19th century from "floor to ceiling". We guarantee and certify all furniture objects and paintings presented in this gallery. You can discover antique furniture, antique art objects and paintings from the sixteenth to the early twentieth that we take care to choose and buy, concerned about quality and authenticity, from our private customers, on unpacking and fairs antique shops and auction rooms in the Paris region and throughout France! Come to discover them and share our enthusiasm, in the selection that we made, that will undoubtedly make you come to visit us in our flea market of Paris Saint-Ouen where we will be there to advise you or to accompany you in your choices.

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