Lila K 's winter garden

A bit of Renzo Mongiardino and Madeleine Castaing, an ounce of Venetian palaces, and of course the whole world of the winter garden ... At Lila K, You have to go very quickly if you do not want to see your Napoleon III mirror go away coveted by a great designer. But no worries, every weekend you will find new pieces, mottled with passion and presented with taste. So let yourself be trained in this universe full of poetry ...

What is your background ?

Before I was an antique dealer, I worked in fashion. I started attending flea markets at the age of 20. I came to see my husband who comes from a family of antique dealers. I started in the trade, I got wet, I went in unpacking. I always loved to hunt, I find it incredible, it's a bit like a treasure hunt. At some point I felt ready. I really wanted to have a booth at Paul Bert Serpette, I loved his little alleys very charming. So I took my first booth 15 years ago I had a clear idea of what I wanted, I wanted present mirrors and chandeliers. At the time the trend was shabby chic and it is with this type of merchandise that I started. Little by little I developed my taste, always around the mirror, the chandelier and the seated.

What do you present on your booth?

I am very passionate about mirrors, and I present very different, from all times and all styles. I love the large formats and I have a special affection for Venetian mirrors. My customers also come to see me for my taste very Napoleon III, I love padded silk velvet, the shapes and comfort of these pieces. I always try to keep the old original fabrics.
When I'm in China, I buy, above all, objects that touch me, but I also think about the coherence that I'm going to create on my booth. I like making beautiful scenographies. For me, it's very important that my favorite things can be done. to integrate into my world I love mixing styles, I can mix a large Napoleon III sofa with a Venetian mirror and a 20th century ceramic.

Can you tell us about the winter garden?

The winter garden is my big passion. It's a little summer corner to face the gray of winter, a space of withdrawal that brings you light and heat. I see it as an elegant place, with pieces a little rare and precious that will make it unique. It is a place where you can express your creativity and where you can have a lot of fun. I think that we can all afford in the winter garden, I can include a large church chandelier, an alabaster cup or pretty bamboo furniture , but also objects inspired by exotic animals.  The winter garden in my way is very mixed, but still in a Venetian spirit and Napoleon III, with many large plants topped with imposing planters, flowers and any object related to nature.

I recently expanded my booth, which allows me to develop this theme of the winter garden. Presenting pieces in this pink powder box amuses me a lot.

Which piece of your booth would you like to highlight?

The Venetian universe gives me a lot of emotions. I just acquired a very pretty sculptural armchair of the late nineteenth century, in its juice, that I present in my new space. It is an atypical piece, well known by designers and collectors. It goes very well with beautiful chandeliers and bamboo or in an unusual place. This furniture called "Grotto" was made around the theme of marine life and responded to the fashion of the time of the winter gardens.

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

It is an excellent market that attracts the eye of the world. It is made up of antique dealers who have a lot of talent and who present their world in which the decorators from around the world come to be inspired. It is a very alive market which gives a lot of energy, we learn every day. We must come very often to follow the movement, everything goes very quickly. At Paul Bert Serpette, there is something very current and very old. We come to find these new antique dealers specialized in the 20th, who have a fabulous taste and who search for exceptional pieces, and these antique dealers who give references, part of our heritage. We meet an eclectic and faithful clientele. This mix of people from all walks of life is very rewarding this diversity.