Ashanti Doll, Akua'ba, Ghana

Frédéric Coridon


CategoryAfrican art, Tribal art
Period20th century
Condition Very good state

ASHANTI DOLL, AKUA'BA, GHANA Highly stylized human figure very emblematic of African art.
This Akua'ba doll, according to the Ashanti cannons, has a small ringed neck surmounted by a discoidal head.
Large brow bone extending through the volume of the nose.
Tribal scarifications decorating cheeks and forehead; lateral perforations at the top receiving old pendants.
On the cylindrical torso a small chest revealing a network of scarifications and an umbilicus.
The horizontal arms carved at the ends to symbolize the hands.
Geometric decoration dug and hatched in the volume at the back of the disc.
The proportions and the geometry ensure a pleasant balance to this copy.
Beautiful brown patina of use.
Height: 38 cm

Legend has it that a young woman named Akua, or one who was born on a Wednesday, had trouble conceiving. She consulted a priest who advised her to sponsor a "child" of wood, wear it on her back, dress it, wash it and embellish it with pearls like a real baby .
She followed these instructions, and soon had a young girl, beautiful and healthy.
Following his success, other women imitated Akua, and these statuettes were finally called "Akua'ba" in his honor
(Doran Ross in Cameron, 1996, p.43).

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