MODEL or REDUCED MODEL of KAYAK - Inuit Culture, Alaska - Circa 1900

Frédéric Coridon



Inuit culture, Alaska, circa 1900

Wood, hide and antler

H.: 7; L.: 65; Thickness: 7 cm

Like the real boats, this kayak model consists of a wooden hull structure covered with skin and equipped with its two carved antler protective ends. It is decorated with a harpoon, a fishing line, a wooden paddle with antler ends.

Kayaks were used for hunting, fishing and transporting goods.

These miniature creations allowed children to familiarize themselves with the materials and tools needed for hunting.

“When the morning star rises, the young boys are taken to the sea where they have to stay half an hour or more in the water in order to train them gradually in [to bear the] cold. »

Field Notes, 1871-1872 by Alphonse Pinart in Kodiak, Alaska .

Illustrative photograph: Inuit, Noatak, Alaska, circa 1929 © Edward S. Curtis.

Text and photos © FCP CORIDON

Ref.LP: 3082

1250 €

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