Noh mask with the effigy of HANNYA Japan

Frédéric Coridon


CategoryAfrican art, Tribal art
Period19th century
Condition Very good state

Noh mask with the effigy of HANNYA
End of the Edo period
Bronze and horn
H .: 28; L .: 15; Th: 9.5 cm

Bronze mask with pierced eyes and mouth. He wears two rings on the ears which refer to suspension sockets, as well as two horns made of the same natural material. They are held in place with threads.
Hannya is an important evil spirit of Japanese folklore. He is an oni, a female demon, who embodies suffering, anger and hatred. Jealous, his ghost would return to earth to assuage his revenge.
His cheekbones are prominent and his chin square. Its prognathic mouth is wide open on small short teeth with prominent canines. Its expression is underlined by nasolabial folds worked in deep incisions. Expression lines are picked up at the glabella. Her hairstyle is organized symmetrically around a central part.
Has a stamp on the back.

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Frédéric Coridon
Frédéric Coridon
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