WAR MASSUE called GUNSTOCK CLUB Plains Indians, North America

Frédéric Coridon
3600 €


CategoryAfrican art, Tribal art
Period19th century
Condition Good condition

Plains Indians, North America
Late 19th century - early 20th century
Wood, wrought iron, nails and pigments
H.:80cm; L.:15.5cm; Thickness: 2.2cm

The gunstock is a wooden club cut in the shape of a "rifle butt", tapered on the proximal part, finished in the shape of a diamond. The short blade with a triangular section is placed at the level of the bevel and held down in the wood with three metal nails. From these three metal points, a polychrome decoration is organized delimited by incised geometric lines.
We could see, in a stylized way, a bird in flight: the yellow pigments would refer to its outstretched wings, the red to its body and the blade of the club to its beak.
This weapon was used for melee combat but also occasionally in Pow-wow ceremonies.

Text and photos © FCP CORIDON

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Frédéric Coridon
Frédéric Coridon
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