Armet Savoyard Northern Italy, XVIIth Century Wrought Iron

Frédéric Coridon


Northern Italy, 17th century
Wrought iron
H .: 27; L .: 21; Thickness: 30 cm
Weight : 4.1 kg
(One hinge restored and one rod missing at the other hinge)

First-type armor helmet. It is in wrought iron, composed of a crested stamp in light relief and entirely incised with obliques. The mesh opens in two movable cheeks mounted on side hinges. They are cut symmetrically so as to offer two openings, both for the eyes in two crescent moon, and for the mouth, in a rectangular cut.
These pivots are embellished on the lower part of two perpendicular sections constituting the front part of the gorget. They were kept closed using a leather fastener fixed in the iron loop provided for this purpose. The gorget, hemmed and riveted, is wide in section.

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Condition Good condition

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