Bayonet Socket France, End of XVIIth - Beginning of XVIIIth Century. Luxury

Frédéric Coridon
1600 €


CategoryAncient weapons
Period18th century
Condition Very good state

France, late 17th century - early 18th century
Wrought and gilded iron
H .: 27; L .: 3; Thickness: 5 cm

This socket bayonet for hunting or officer weapon is decorated with two profiles of men on the golden backs of the blade. The latter, flat and double-edged, ends in a point.
The engravings show a helmeted soldier seen from his two profiles. One is in classic incision while the other is in negative.
The special feature of the socket bayonet is, as the name suggests, its socket. It is on this circular section that the bayonet is assembled. The socket made it possible to place the knife on the firearm and thus to fight melee.

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Frédéric Coridon
Frédéric Coridon
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