Flintlock Pommel Pistol, Miquelet lock. Silver And Coral. 19th century Albania

Frédéric Coridon


Flintlock, silver and coral pommel pistol. 19th century Albania
Steel, iron, silver and coral
Long: 55 cm; L. of barrel: 36 cm
Caliber: 13mm; Percussion: flintlock

Barrel with sides then round, trombloné at the mouth and decorated with a silver nasturtium decorated with foliage and floral motifs, set with six coral cabochons. The thunder is also enhanced with a coral cabochon.
Flintlock system said to the Miquelet.
Iron frame, entirely silver plated decorated with flowers and set with six coral tears. Silver trigger guard with volutes, decorated with a coral cabochon. Fake silver wand with a coral tip.
The pommel is ovoid, then with sides, in silver decorated en suite and set with four large coral cabochons and finished with a chiseled button.

Very good condition
Ref .: 1528

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Condition Very good state

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