HUNTING KIT - Germany, Alpine Countries - 17th century

Frédéric Coridon


Germany, Alpine Country, 17th Century
Iron and blond horn
Longest canopy size: Long. : 20; L.: 2.2; Thickness: 1.6 cm; Case size: H.: 16.8; L.: 3; Thickness: 5.3 cm

Hunting kit, also called "Bauernbestecke" containing a two-pronged fork, a single-edged knife and a pass-through trowel, also called a sharpener, finished in a point and openwork.
Their oblong handles are made of blond horn plates riveted two or three times and decorated with a finely engraved decoration: the fork and the knife are incised with the twelve apostles bearing halos and attributes, their names indicated under their respective cartouches. They are arranged in threes on three superimposed registers on each of the four sides of the two place settings. The sharpener is adorned with the Sacred Heart on one side – a flaming heart surmounted by a cross – and the mystical rose on the other.
Boiled brown leather three-cell case embossed with friezes of hearts and fleur-de-lys.

N°73 of the exhibition "THE ART OF THE BLADE"

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Ref.LP 2977

1800 €

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