Hussar troop saber. Old regime. Around 1760.

Frédéric Coridon


Hussar troop saber.
Old regime. Around 1760.
Steel, brass, leather, buffalo.
Total L.: 100.5cm - L. of blade: 85cm - Width of blade: 3.9cm

Curved blade with flat back, three grooves and counter-cutting edge.
Hungarian-style cast bronze mount, long tail cap; single branch of custody. Volute quillon, rectangular mumps with cut sides.
Wooden handle knuckle dressed in black leather and a copper filigree. Red felt tie.
Wooden sheath with punctured leather. Cutout bouterole, screed en suite. Brass bowl; two eyebolts welded with iron rings. Front and back brass rods, cut and scalloped.
Old buffalo strap.
Fairly good condition

Condition Good condition
2200 €
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Frédéric Coridon
Frédéric Coridon
Marché Serpette, Stands 2 et 9 allée 3 Serpette

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