Japanese Lance, Yari, Jyu-monji Type Edo Period Signed Fujiwara Kunishige

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Japanese spear, Yari, Jyu-Monji type
Edo period (17th-18th century)
Signed Fujiwara Kunishige
Total L.: 53.5cm - L. of blade: 18.5cm - Width of blade: 14.7cm

Jyu-monji style steel blade, cross-shaped. Imposing horn style, very thick forge, with four sides on each branch.
The hamon is wide and the dividing line is underlined
Silk: Nakago is in its entire length with two ankle holes. It is signed on one side: with the name of the Fujiwara clan and the name of the blacksmith KUNISHIGE.

KUNISHIGE enjoyed the title Yamashiro-no-kami granted by the Imperial Court was active in the Meiwa era (1764-71) in the middle of the Edo period. He was a student of Musashi-taro YASUKUNI and lived in Azabu city, Bushu Edo.
Its shaft is in lacquered wood with forged end.

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Condition Very good state

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