Necessary Box Containing A Pair Of Dabat & Dupont Cie Percussion Pistols. Around 1820

Frédéric Coridon


By Dabat et Dupont et Compagnie in Paris
nineteenth century
Wood, steel, iron, horn, silver and brass
Box: H .: 8.7; long: 43; L .: 27.5 cm
Gun: Total length: 29 cm; Long. barrel: 15.9 cm
Caliber: 13 mm

Cannons with sides, blued slightly tromblonné, stripes hair, with engraved decoration of a basket on pilaster, enhanced with gold. Thundering gold border and handlebars. Breeches chiseled with foliage and laurel wreath and flowers.
Front plates with flat body decorated, engraved and marbled Dabat et Dupont et Compagnie in Paris. Relaxation tails equipped with a stecher.Dogs engraved in suite.
All fittings in cut, finely chiseled, marbled and varnished iron. Crowns of crosses marbled and engraved in continuation. All guilloche screws.
Selected walnut frames, finely engraved on the handle.
Mallets in dewlap finished with a tip in blond horn.

Mahogany cabinet with brass fittings, equipped with side handles and lined with green felt. Four-stud lock. Complete with its many original accessories including a powder bulb in translucent blond horn and silver.

DABAT Etienne, Arquebusier in Paris from 1790 to 1823.
(Reference: Stockel page 263)

Bibliography: This box is reproduced in the book Beauty of the Ancient Weapon by A. Bergsma, Artena, pages 14-15 and 46.

Text and photos © FCP CORIDON

Condition Very good state
16500 €
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