Pair Of Flintlock Pistols, By Bachereau In Paris. France, XIXth.

Frédéric Coridon


Pair of flintlock pistols with short barrels, by Bachereau in Paris
France, XIXth.
Steel, wood, gold.
Long. T .: 37.5 cm; L. barrel: 21.5cm
Cal. : 17.2mm

Barrels striped hair, with sides then round and slightly blunderbuss, in varnished steel; marked on the top in gold BACHEREAU à Paris Fni. ; hallmarked with thunders, and struck on the left side: 18 and a crown with two crossed branches and three crosses. Silver lights. They are held by steel keys. Numbered under guns 179 & 197. Grain-shaped steel sights.
Steel cylinder head tails and fixed handlebars.

Plates with flat bodies, rollers with battery springs. Volute basins, with gold backgrounds, waterproof, with powder protection reinforcements. Internally numbered 179 & 197.
Saddles fitted with finger rests and numbered 179 & 197.

Walnut frames with finely squared brackets. Cut-out steel counterplates. Oval caps.
Steel rods with nail head finish.

High quality finish, perfect state of conservation.

BACHEREAU : Arquebusier between 1810 and 1840 in Paris. He finished his apprenticeship in the Boutet house in Versailles, and he intended its manufacture to use luxury weapons. STØCKEL : Page 44 / Vol.1
Ref. 1065

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Condition Very good state

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