Pair Of System Pistols, By Jean Antoine ROBERT In Paris, Circa 1831

Frédéric Coridon


Pair of system pistols, by Jean-Antoine Robert.
France around 1831.
Steel and wood.
LT: 39cm - Barrel length: 23cm - Cal. 14mm

Octagonal barrels in ribbon damask, with eight stripes. Stamped on the upper sides.
Articulated breeches, engraved with foliage and flowers with gold buttons and silver petals. Signed on the top PIS let ROBERT Bté A PARIS. Numbered 2017 and 2018
Head rings and all iron fittings engraved in suite.
Dual system trigger tails. Saddles with finger rest.
Frames in bramble fruit wood, engraved with a shell at the end of the barrels. Caps with carved ebony inlays. Nails of oval caps in half round of bump.
Very good condition.
Jean-Antoine ROBERT: Parisian arquebusier who improved in 1831 the system invented by Pauly for breech loading by removing the external hammer.

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Condition Very good state

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