Revolver Colt New model pocket, 1855, Root's Patent, source and publication.

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Revolver Colt New model pocket, 1855, Root's Patent. Provenance and publication.
United States, 1857/1872
Steel and Bakelite
LT: 20.3cm - L. of barrel: 8.9cm - Cal. 31

Octagonal barrel, crimping lever fixed on the lower side and engraved on the upper side: Colt's Patent 1855 Address Col. Colt Hartford CT USA.
Round barrel with five chambers, engraved with the attack of the stagecoach and stamped with Colt's patent and the number of the weapon.
Lacquered wood grips.
Side hammer, single action operation. Spur trigger without trigger guard.
Closed casing with counter plate on the left.
Ivory-style stock with a portrait and a flag.

Very good mechanical operation, 30% blue on the carcass.

  • This Colt was published in the Gazette of arms N ° 6 June 1973 with photo on the cover.
  • Sold January 25, 1975 by Alain Serpette, with certificate of expertise.

  • The documents will be at the acquirer.
    Ref: 370

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Condition very good state
2600 €

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