Saber-lighter of the Marine Troops. France, Consulate Period. Model Of The Year XI.

Frédéric Coridon


Marine Troops lighter-saber.
France, consulate period.
Model of the Year XI.

Brass, steel, blackened boiled leather
L. T: 77cm; Length of saber: 74.2 cm
L. of blade: 60.6cm - Width of blade at the heel: 3.8cm

28-flute die-cast brass frame with curved quillon finished in teardrop. Hallmarked with an anchor on the cruise and control hallmarks under the guard.
Slightly curved, single-edged blade. Original leather tie.
Blackened boiled leather scabbard with visible seam, two brass fittings. Screed with a rectilinear base, with a suspension trigger, struck with a marine anchor, an S surmounted by a star and a check mark; button fastener, also stamped with an S surmounted by a star.
Good state of conservation.
Ref.: 1176

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Condition Good condition

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