SABER OF OFFICER OF LIGHT CAVALRY said to the MARENGO Period 1st Empire, France XIXth

Frédéric Coridon


Period 1st Empire, France XIXth
LT: 101cm - Length of saber: 98cm - L. of blade: 84.4cm

The handle in figurative stick is in gilded and chiseled bronze: the inverted quillons "à la Marengo" The branch is formed by a gutter.
The oval-shaped mumps are occupied on both of a palmette.
The ebony rocket is worked in a squared fashion. It is topped with a gilt brass pommel.

The blade, slightly curved, with a cutting edge and blued on the proximal part. It is adorned with a bundle of weapons, trophies, oak leaves and laurel. This set is made using the technique of etching. A few minor bites.

The gilded brass scabbard is embellished with two bail bracelets. They are each provided with a bail ring. The bowl is also in gilded brass.
It ends in a symmetrical dart with two iron volutes. A break has been the subject of an old brass restoration, and carried out in the rules of the art.

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Condition Good condition

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