SABER of the King's Body Guards, model 1815 - France - 19th century

Frédéric Coridon


SABER of the King's Bodyguards, model 1815


nineteenth century

Gold, shagreen, steel, brass

Long. total: 107; Long. blade: 92 cm

Gilded brass frame.

Long crown tail, ovoid with small dome serving as a riveting button.

Three secondary branches start from the top of the joining arch.

Macaron cut out with the crowned Coat of Arms of France on a background of flags and branches of oak and laurel, attached to the secondary branches.

Wooden handle covered with shagreen, filigree with twisted brass and copper wires.

Quillon cut into fleur-de-lys and punched.

Blade with hollow side, marked on one side: “GARDES DU CORPS DU ROI” framed by two fleurs-de-lys and a trophy, the second side features a sun, the crowned Arms of France and a trophy.

The back of the blade is signed: “Manufacture Royale de Klingenthal Coulaux Frères”.

Sheet steel scabbard, marked: “VAISSETE 1820”, two bail rings, cap engraved with golden acanthus leaves.

Wrist strap with ragged sides in gold thread.

Ref. :3932

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