Samurai helmet, Kabuto. Half Edo period.

Frédéric Coridon
6800 €


CategoryAncient weapons
Period18th century
Condition Very good state

KABUTO type Suji bachi
18th Edo period
Iron, copper, fabric, wood, hemp.
H. 25cm Width. total 38cm
Natural iron helmet with 18 lamellae with non-protruding rivets.

THEHEN NO ANA (opening at the top) in four-degree copper.
SHIDORARE (ornamental arrows) three in number, applied to a strip covered with copper.
AGEMAKI NO KAN (agemaki attachment ring) in copper on chiseled rivet.
SHIKORO (neck cover) at three degrees, in black lacquered iron.
KAMON (coat of arms) of the presumed clan of  AMAKO TSUNEHISA.
FUKIGAESHI (fins) in lacquered iron, covered with a plate with a copper border. Application of trimmings and copper rivets.
MABI SA SHI (visor) in iron edged with copper, with three chiseled rivets.
MAEDATE (helmet ornament) in black painted wood, with gilded lacquer application from my clan.

Unsigned. Very good condition

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Frédéric Coridon
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