Archeological items – objects from the past, today’s curios - have always brought a lot of interest. Antiquities come from Roman Empire, Greece and Egypt. Items derived from antiquities are productions subsequent to the enthusiasm that antiquities arouse as early as Renaissance period. Archeological discoveries are the main source of inspiration for European culture since that time. Archeology encompasses sculpture, painting, and everyday items such as oil lamps, jewelry and ceramics.  Today ceramics are accessible to everyone. So, terra cotta Etruscan vases, lekythos (pottery used to store perfumed oil), ceramic craters, votive statuettes, as well as items of Antique inspiration, such as Renaissance reproductions or neo gothic watercolors can be found at Paul Bert Serpette, particularly at Galerie Keramion. Nowadays archeological pieces are in high demand and the market is increasingly regulated to avoid looting of listed sites and loss of numerous goods.