Buaku Mask From Kyôgen Theater Japan, Edo Period (1603-1868), XVIIth Century

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MASK Buaku from THEATER Kyôgen
Japan, Edo period (1603-1868), 17th century
Wood and pigments
H: 19; Wt: 14.5; Thickness: 9 cm
Bears handwritten annotations on the reverse.

Face mask depicting a grotesque character. His protruding eyes are highlighted with white pigments while the rest of the mask is covered with red ocher. His very tight chin has three protuberances. The mouth is surmounted by two short mustaches incised in two obliques. Her cheekbones and forehead wrinkles are particularly emphasized by their volume and sinuosity. Its short nose opens up to wide nostrils.

Buaku is a demonic character from the Kyôgen theater. This theater brings together comedies considered as interludes of the traditional Noh theater.

Condition Fairly good condition
980 €

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