STATUETTE representing Maitreya - Tibet - Circa 1900

Frédéric Coridon


STATUETTE representing Maitreya


Around 1900

Bronze, pigments, gold

H.: 24.5; L.: 12.5 cm

Statuette representing Maitreya Buddha, the one who will spread the light of his wisdom and put the believer on the path to Awakening.

The deity is represented seated, dressed in a chiseled dhoti, wearing golden jewelry.

The hands are in dharmachakra mudra; setting in motion the wheel of Buddhist law, holding the stems of the two lotus flowers above the two shoulders.

Neutral face, with matte gilding; the mouth and eyes are painted, and the forehead displays the bindi.

Blue headdress, in the shape of a bun, framed by a golden crown.

She is flanked by

The feet are placed on a stele decorated with cabochon in relief.

The underside is closed by a plate engraved with a four-way pattern.

Ref. : 4578

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