Great Madonna of Polychrome Faience - Nevers or Quimper Nineteenth - Folk Art



Statuette of the Virgin Mary, beautiful in polychrome faience, Nevers or Quimper late eighteenth-nineteenth.
Very nice posture slightly swaying of the Virgin carrying the child Jesus on his hip. The Virgin's robe is studded with yellow circles surrounded by orange and seeded with four blue dots symbolizing florets or stars.
The Virgin is crowned and her hollow crown is intended to welcome a candle intended to accompany the prayers of the women of the family surrounding the future mother during childbirth, a tradition particularly developed in Brittany.
The child Jesus holds the earth globe in his hand.
The crown is golden yellow on the front as the border of the bottom of the dress of the Virgin.
On the pedestal a blue border on the front, and "St. Mary" in black handwriting.
Good condition, minimal égrenures at the edge of the base, any small wear (pinhead) or original defect on the tip of the nose of the Virgin, a slight lack of enamel origin at the edge of the top of the crown and at the bottom of the mantle of the Virgin (on the back).
Neither fel nor restoration.
Dimensions: 35 cm x 10.5 cm x 10 cm
Weight: 1,130 kg

Condition Good condition
Width 10 cm
Height35 cm
Weight 1130 g
No longer available

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