two (2) monolithic ceramic sculptures works of Hervé Rousseau (born 1955) in the shape of a finite with a fish. (ridge groin) Circa 1995.

Philippe Schuermans


Two (2) monolithic ceramic sculptures works of Hervé Rousseau (born 1955) in the shape of a finial with a fish. (ridge cap) Circa 1995. In glazed stoneware for the largest and natural stoneware for the smallest. These works are rather unique as only a very limited number have been made. Hervé Rousseau works and lives at La Borne. Unique pieces. Both signed. The biggest H50 x L46 x d21cm The smallest H48 x L38 x d16cm Fired with full flame in a Naborigama wood oven for over six days. These pieces are marked by the artist's gestural imprint. Rough-bodied blocks, landscapes and torsos, marked with thumb, palm and foot imprints. His sculptures are looking like magma, mineral, eroded, archaic, brutalist, exploded, cracked, alive, mysterious. He traveled in Africa (Togo and Mali) in the 1980 and 2000. These trips are “initiatory” trips where African potters become major players in his sources of inspiration. Of great rudeness, his work shows the interaction of his body and his hands with the organic matter. Highly appreciated and respected on the French scene since the 1980s thanks to galleries faithful to his career including that of Hélène Aziza in Paris. He exhibited in 2017 in collaboration with Johan Creten and Lucien Petit at the Contemporary Ceramic Center of La Borne. Hervé Rousseau has seen a growing international consideration with exhibitions in particular in Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Japan, and China.


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