Terracotta baptismal font decorated with owls - 19th century - Popular art

Wladimir Sokoloff
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CategoryPopular art
Period19th century

Terracotta baptismal font.
Mounted had two parts.
The base is decorated with four owls supporting the upper part decorated on both sides, with a man's face and fantastic animals.
The heads of the owls are removable and the fixing pegs need to be readjusted.
It lacks an owl's head.
Base of the base very worn, patina and wear.
The receptacle is brought to the edge.
The significant wear and old patina suggest that these Batismauts fonts could be older than the 19th century.
The metal basin is missing.
The owl is a Christic representation.
Coming from a Breton manor.
Height 97cm

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Wladimir Sokoloff
Wladimir Sokoloff
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