Christ On The Cross, Bois De Bagard, Nancy Work, France Late Seventeenth Century

Frédéric Coridon


Christ on the cross, Bagard wood, Late 17th Century work from Nancy
Bois de Sainte Lucie, also called Bois de Bagard, named after the artist Lorrain. Nancy, 17th century around 1680 - 1700, Louis XIV period.
Wood and iron nails
Height: 35cm - Width: 21cm
(old restorations)

The dying Christ, his head slightly bent to his right, his eyes open and turned towards Heaven. The perizonium is tied with a cord.
Delicacy of execution which lets appear with realism the musculature, the veins, the expressive pain of the face.
Very beautiful patina of Christ with reflections that tend to red.

The term Bagard wood is also associated with this production, in reference to César Bagard (1620-1709), sculptor at the court of Duke Charles IV of Lorraine who executed large church statues.

Ref.: 2080

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1680 €

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