set of 22 boxes containing color pigments

Philippe Schuermans


CategoryOther decorative items
Period19th century
StyleNapoleon III

Set of 22 wooden boxes with pigments

the boxes measure on average at the base 18x26cm and 20cm high,

there are 15 different colors with poetic names ...

it remains a bottom in each box, about 100 to 300 grams of pigments per box.

* Olympic green

* cobalt blue

* Yellow Naples

* oceanic green

* chrome yellow

* gold powder

* green wagon

* salmon orange

* green planter

*Yellow gold

* blue poster

* calcined red

* blackcurrant

* Hamburg blue

* zinc green

Several boxes are marked with the "Society of Astral Celluco Paintings -

Formerly Levy Finger Son in Paris "

The history of the brand Astral Building dates back to 1855, when the Lévy Finger Brothers

open a first hardware store in Paris.

They produce and sell their own pigments, paints and varnishes.

Very quickly, the growing reputation of the brand

leads to the creation of several subsidiaries in Algiers, Oran, Casablanca, Tunis and Dakar.

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Philippe Schuermans
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