1970 ′ Venice Mirror In The Antique A Decor Of Characters Symbolizing Justice Signed: HIMBERGER 1974

ABC Pascal


Venice mirror, antique decor with portraits of characters, and allegory to justice in cartouches, pine frames, Circa 1970, Good condition

Width: 90 cm
Height: 130cm
Depth: 8 cm

Character: The Allegory of Justice represents the Greek Goddess Themis, daughter of Ouranos (God of Heaven) and Gaia (Goddess of Earth). It symbolizes immanent justice and established order. From the Greek “divine law”, Themis remains to the right of her husband Zeus. Advisor to the latter, she wants the gods to have a good relationship between them and has the gift of predicting the future.

Bundle: The bundle represents the authority of the magistrate and the respect due to those who dispense justice.

Libra: The scale represents the notions of balance, harmony and order.

Blindfold: The blindfold is a thin layer of linen covering Themis' eyes. It represents impartiality in bringing about justice which must be rendered objectively and independently of the power or weakness of the accused.

Condition Good condition
Width 90 cm
Height130 cm
Depth 8 cm
6500 €

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