Painting “Detachment” By Shlomo Koren



"Detachment" - work by Shlomo Koren (1932 - 2013). Mixed technique of painting, charcoal, textile. Shlomo Koren was an Israeli sculptor and painter. Koren was born in Cologne in 1932, but fled Germany with his parents in 1936. They settled under the British Mandate of Palestine. He studied at the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem until 1959. The theme of his abstract and minimalist work is detachment. He himself feels a kinship with the work and themes of sculptors Micha Ullman and Joel Shapiro. The artist traveled to Europe with his wife in 1960 and decided to stay in Amsterdam. In 2011, he participated in the international sculpture exhibition ArtZuid in Amsterdam with the work Hommage à l'architecture. Several works by Shlomo Koren are in museum collections around the world.

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