“Underwood In The Forest of Ecouves” By Georges Lacombe, Neo Impressionism.

Attanasio Thierry


Paul Gauguin and his conception of symbolism had a great influence on Georges Lacombe. Born in 1868, he was raised as the son of a family, with great style and servants. He is handsome, intelligent, cultured and very wealthy. He became a sculptor and painter, and, in his workshop in Versailles where many friends and artists visited him, he met Paul Sérusier and became a member of the Nabis group. (his Nabis paintings and sculptures, remarkable for their quality, rare, can be found in many museums). In 1897 he married Marthe, the daughter of the wealthy Gabrielle Wengler, and in 1897, he left Parisian life and bought a magnificent property in Normandy, near the Ecouves forest, called “l'Hermitage”. New links, with the Belgian painter Théo Van Rysselberghe, met in 1893, will lead him towards Neo-Impressionism, up to divisionism and pointillism of which our painting is a part. Taking as theme and subject the subtle variations of atmosphere and the play of light on the vegetation, he will henceforth paint, in this style, the surroundings of the Hermitage, the undergrowth of the Ecouves forest, from 1900 . he has no need to sell, well off and even better off by the dowry of his new wife, he paints, sculpts but sells nothing.
After his death, his divisionist paintings began to appear on the market, very rare, sold by his descendants, one of whom, Mr Georges Maldan, is the beneficiary of the painter's work. He confirmed this work to me, when he came to my gallery, and gave me the certificate attesting to the authenticity of this painting, painted around 1903. We will attach this certificate, to which will be added that of the gallery, to the possible buyer of this magnificent and rare painting. Georges Lacombe died in 1916.
Our work of beautiful dimensions: 73 x54.5 cms (excluding frame) is in perfect original condition, monogrammed at the bottom and on the right GL.
A discerning eye will see a woman carrying wood moving away from behind on the path, in the undergrowth, towards the back of the painting, a small character that will be repeated in several of these paintings of this subject. The colors are vibrant, intense and luminous bringing a certain magic to this undergrowth that he loved.
His works are found in many museums and important private collections including the Holliday collection in Indianapolis.... important bibliophily, of which we present some books and two photos of the certificate of authenticity.

Dimensions with its frame: 94x 78 cms.

38000 €

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