Mathurin Méheut, "The pigeons"

Attanasio Thierry
3800 €


CategoryWatercolors, drawings, pastels
Period20th century
Note: The dimensions are those of the work alone
Width 1 ft 3.7 in
Length 1 ft 10.8 in

Mathurin Méheut (1882-1958), "Les Pigeons"

Original drawings in grease pencil on paper made around 1910. Upper drawing monogrammed "MM".

The two drawings were executed one above the other by the artist.

Certified by the Lannon study in Brest. Photos with frame and before framing.

Museums: Mathurin Méheut museum in Lamballe, Paris (marine museum), Brest, Dinan, Quimper, etc ...

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