1950/70' Pair of Stained-glass windows Decoration of Flowers

ABC Pascal
1950/70' Paire de Vitraux à Décor de Fleurs
1950/70' Paire de Vitraux à Décor de Fleurs


CategoryStained glass
Period20th century
StyleDesign 50-60
Width 3 ft 8.5 in
Height4 ft 4.4 in
Depth 2.4 in
Condition Good condition

Pair of stained-glass windows has decoration of flowers in frames in oak.

Origin : ACF Champs Elysées Paris

Good condition, circa 1950/70


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ABC Pascal
Pascal Weitz
Marché Paul Bert, Stands 11 et 14 allée 2, stand 9 allée 3 Serpette - stands 63 et 140 allée 1 Paul Bert
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