Szekely and Borderie: King and Queen - Glazed ceramics - circa 1950



Szekely and Borderie: King and Queen

Rare pair of painted, enamelled and incised ceramics representing the king and queen, probably from a set of chess pieces (32 pieces)

Sculptures from the beginnings of the artists' collaboration

Around 1950



Height = 19.5cm
Diameter = 9cm


Height = 19cm
Diameter = 9.5cm

Each piece has a label inside one numbered 23, the second 32

Signatures: on the reverse on the edge “Szekely / Borderie”; each piece also features the artists incised monogram inside

Very good general condition of the 2 rooms

3800 €

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Henri et Romain Hayat
Marché Serpette
stand 9 allée 1 Serpette

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