Bust of Marianne by Edmé Cadoux - Plaster - Circa 1880 - 78cm

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Bust of Marianne.
Plaster print after Edmé Marie Cadoux.
Molding of the time, around 1880.
The pedestal was broken and glued back to the plaster.
Several coats of paint slightly thicken the smoothness of the lines.
Although supported by Paul Bert, this Marianne was not retained as an official model.
Few copies survive to this day.
Signed on the side.
Height 78cm

Edme Marie Cadoux
His birth in 1853 in a modest family of Burgundy quarrymen destined Edme Marie Cadoux to work as a stonemason. However, with the support of his teacher and that of the Republican deputy Paul Bert, he left his region in 1870 to study at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris for ten years. Pupil of François Jouffroy and A ntonin Mercié, among others, he learned modeling and development. Later he became president of the trade union chamber of practitioners.
He exhibited at the Salon of French Artists every year between 1874 and 1935. He received first, second or third class medals, as well as honorable mentions. In 1887, he obtained a third class medal for his marble group À la fontaine , intended for the Residence in Tunis
Encouraged by Auguste Bartholdi, his skills then designated him to go and appraise the quality of the marbles of Fillifa (Algeria). It was then hoped to be able to prefer them to Italian marbles. It was during his stay in Philippeville that he lost his nine-year-old daughter Marie, who had recently lost her mother. He returns to France, alone and ruined. Added to this is the loss of Paul Bert, who died in Tonkin (Indochina) where he had become familiar.
He returned to his studio in Montparnasse, close to that of Antoine Bourdelle. He married Léonie Trouttet, with whom he had three children. Orders from the State then enabled him to live as a practitioner for Alfred Boucher at the renovation of the Paris periphery, for Émile Peynot at the Paris town hall or at the Rouen courthouse, for Carrier-Belleuse at the pediments of the Banque de France, on the facade of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées for Bourdelle, with Guillot for the repair of trophies and statues at the Château de Versailles, for orders for busts of politicians (Le furrier de Saint-Fargeau, Lepère , Bonnerot, Vaulabelle, Paul Bert).
In addition to these bust portraits, a genre in which he excels, he builds public monuments often featuring children, as in the monumental group of the fountain of Bléneau (Yonne), where a young boy pours water for a girl turned towards him in a graceful movement of the body.
After the first war, he worked as an architect and sculptor on the erection of numerous war memorials, preferring war images to those of children offering flowers to soldiers, as for the monument at Crécy-en-Brie.
He spent his last years in Thisy where he never ceased to have projects of all kinds little relayed by the local elected officials of the time, such as that of a school for learning sculpture which never saw the light of day.
He died in Thizy on March 13, 1939.

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