Pair of Willy Rizzo armchairs

Déjà Vu Design


CategoryFireside chairs
Period20th century
Style80s, 90s
Width 2 ft 8.7 in
Length 2 ft 8.7 in
Height2 ft 2.8 in
Weight 20,0 kg
Condition in a perfect condition

Pair of armchairs that can form a 2-seater sofa, re-upholstered in emerald green velvet.

Clean lines with sophisticated mounting details.

Perfect condition and great comfort.

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Antiques dealer

Déjà Vu Design
Delphine Sterckx
Marché Paul Bert, Allée 6 Stand 95
Delphine Sterckx +33(0)6 15 45 94 70
Joëlle Juhen +33(0)6 07 63 34 78

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