Pair Of Flintlock Pistols Of Officer General Signed Lepage Arquebusier De l'Empereur.

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Pair Of Flintlock Pistols Of Officer General Signed Lepage Arquebusier De l'Empereur.
Consulate period 1st Empire, France
L. Total: 37cm - L. Barrels: 22.2cm - Cal .: 13mm

Barrels with sides with damask finish, lightly truffled and striped with hair, signed on both sides: Le Page à Paris - Arquebusier de l'Empereur. They carry the thunderbolts of Jupiter and jewels on gold rings to thunder. Decorated breech tails. The lights are lined with gold. Adjustable handlebars; with a gold border at the mouths.
Plates with flat bodies, struck in a gilded oval medallion: Le Page; they are finely chiseled with engravings of plants. Gold-lined, waterproof basins and battery spring rollers. The whole is decorated en suite. On the inside, they are numbered 1070 and bear the date 1808.
Finely engraved backplates with docked swans.
Saddles with decorated fingers and adjustable detents (stecher)
The pommels with sides are engraved and enriched with gilded Jupiter thunderbolts.
Short barrel mounts with squared brackets and pommel belt carved with a frieze of leaves and stamped with the number 1070.

Very good state of conservation.

Jean LE PAGE , arquebusier and fourbisseur in Paris, from 1779 to 1822, born in 1746 and died 1834. He was the arquebusier of Louis XVI, of the First Consul, then of the Emperor and Louis XVIII. He kept the favors of the new regime under the Restoration.

An identical pair of these pistols and offered by the First Consul is kept at the National Museum of History in Moscow (80869/2213)

Condition Very good state
48000 €

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