Combat Shield Ngandu Culture, Tsongo, Saka Or Kota, Mongo Region, DRC

Frédéric Coridon


Ngandu, Tsongo, Saka or Kota culture, Mongo region, Democratic Republic of Congo
First half of the 20th century
Basketry, wood and pigments
H .: 149; L .: 45cm

Rectangular shield with rounded corners in woven basketry in a wooden frame. The braiding of the shield follows a horizontal linearity while a double ridge marks the median center of the shield.
On the reverse, the braiding reveals four geometric patterns as well as a rectangular wooden handle applied and maintained with six links of plant fibers.

These shields were used at the same time for the war, the ceremonies or the ritual dances.

Illustrative photograph: G. Van der Kerken, 1905 © Afrika-Museum, Tervuren.

Text and photos © FCP CORIDON

Condition Good condition
850 €

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