Puppet From "Wayang Golek" Javanese Culture, Java Island, Indonesia

Frédéric Coridon


PUPPET by "Wayang Golek"
Javanese Culture, Java Island, Indonesia
End of the 19th century - beginning of the 20th century
Wood, fabric and pigments
H .: 67cm; L .: 10cm

Painted wooden puppet, dressed in a large sarong in light fabric with brown patterns and an embroidered green jacket. His face, marked with a nose and ears in relief, is covered with white pigments and underlined by almond eyes, eyebrows and nostrils finely painted in black. Her half-open mouth, with pink lips, reveals small teeth. She wears a large conical headdress pigmented in red and green.

These theater puppets, characteristic of the island of Java, have the particularity of being equipped with movable arms, articulated using wooden sticks fixed at the level of the hands. They were the animated figures of Sanskrit stories from Hindu mythology Ramayana and Mahabharata.

On plinth.

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Condition Fairly good condition
180 €

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