Half mask, mempo, lacquered iron for samurai armor, early eighteenth, edo

Frédéric Coridon


Mempo, Lacquered iron half mask for samurai armor
Early 18th century, Edo
H.: 22.5cm

Chin strap, covering half of the face. Pitons for hooking the nose.
In lacquered iron, very old patina, confirmed by the consumption of iron and lacquer. Chips in the lacquer.
The general shape of the mask offers a captivating and enigmatic form to the eye. The lines are well balanced.
Chin sweat evacuation opening (ase nagashi).
Two otayori to fix the lacing of the helmet.
Presence of four fairly narrow yodarekake plates.
Red lacquered interior.
On plinth

Condition Fairly good condition
1200 €

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