The 50's are a rich creation and discovery period for contemporary ceramics. Accolay factory will be a key player in this rich production.

It is a period of research where techniques are experimented in many fields : hollow decorations in the mass, engobe (superposition of layers of slip and enamels of colors, different textures and decoration by removal of the upper layers), enamels (including reds very difficult to obtain). Ceramists show great talent, each bringing his style, his creative ideas and participate in the evolution of the pieces produced.

Under the term Poterie d'Accolay, we group the production of a community of potters settled in the village of Accolay, in the department of Yonne. This production center was created by four former students of Alexandre Kostanda, led by André Boutaud, followed by Louis Dangon, Slavic Paley and Raude.

Later, the decorators Raphaël Giarrusso, Georges Pelletier and the sculptor Pierre Merlier will each mark this period of their artistic personality. Ceramics are of great artistic research both on decorations (all originals) and on forms : pots, wall plates, lamps, masks.

The success was such that in the years 1958 -1960 the ceramic employs about sixty people and opens several exhibition stores on major roads: on the RN6 in Vermenton, Arcy sur Cure and Appoigny, on the RN7 in Pouilly sur Loire , on the road from Dijon to Fixin.