The name Avisseau is well known in the ceramics field, it is born by two persons: Charles-Jean Avisseau (1796-1861) and his son Joseph-Edouard Avisseau (1831-1911). Charles-Jean was born in Tours. He started working in his early childhood for some factories in the Touraine region. In 1817 he became a painter on earthenware at Beaumont-les-Autels factory for Baron de Bezeval. Supported by the Baron he started working to find out Bernard Palissy’s production secrets, and succeeded in 1843. He developed these techniques and used moldings of Palissy’s works to produce pieces he exhibited at world’s fairs in London (1851) and Paris (1861). His reputation matched the neo gothic movement of his time. He also innovated on his enamel works; he used boron, chromium, and nickel like Palissy did, but also limestone and silica. In 1861 he died poisoned by enamel fumes. His son Joseph-Edouard carried on the work of his father and worked in particular for Chenonceau castle.