Bagard (Family)

The Bagard is a dynasty of three very famous sculptors in Nancy, Lorraine, in the East of France. They were active from the late 16th century to the early 18th century. The dynasty started with Nicolas Bagard, and was continued by his son César and his grandson Toussaint. The most famous one is César Bagard (1620-1709). He was trained by Jacquin the great, acclaimed as the best sculptor of his time in Lorraine. He himself was so favored that he was named César the great. He worked for many French personalities like the Duke of Lorraine, but also in Paris on the arch of triumph erected for Louis XIV’s wedding. His work consists mainly in religious statuary. But his accomplishments might also include less religious works like “Cupidon ouvrant la gueule à un lion” (Cupidon opening a lion’s mouth). Some art historians think he was the mentor of Jacob-Sigisbert Adam himself, the grandfather of the sculptor Clodion.