Collin, Vincent

Vincent Collin was born in 1963, he lives and works in Paris. Through his advertiser father, he quickly developed a sensitivity to the decortives arts. Saint Ouen antiques market and other flea markets allow it to meet passionate merchants and touch objects. Forms, assemblies and decorations are analyzed by his eye. He does a lot of research about the ornamentation.

From 1991, he frequents the famous designer Olivier Gagnère, who still marking today the history of design by his creations. With him, Vincent Collin applied his knowledges.

He develops material effects a precision that wee feel in the forms, and an high simplicity at the same time. In 1995, he designed his first collection helped by VIA, produced by Prisunic then by limited Edition, ceramics, furniture, lights...

Vincent Collin is not minimalist but his creations are of rare simplicity, refined lines, highlighted shapes, absence of superfluous ornament. Even if he works on bronze, wrought or beaten metal, patinas are handmade.

the creator's spirit is on all his creations. his ceramics vases combine roundness and movements, in a shapes researches who defy equilibrium laws.

Today, many collectors and institutions were charmed by Vincent Collins work, embassies, hotels, private mansions trusted him.