The Darte were a family of porcelain makers who opened successively three factories. Louis-Joseph and Jean-François Darte, the founding brothers, opened their first factory rue de la Pépinière in 1795. That same year, they bought out another porcelain factory Rue de Charonne with the help of their brother Joseph.  They split up on August 1, 1803, but kept on selling together their production until 1806. After selling the Rue de Charonne factory, they opened two new premises, Joseph’s rue de Popincourt under the name “Darte L’ainé”, Louis-Joseph and Jean-François’ rue de la Roquette in the Hotel Montalembert. Both factories had the same hallmarks, either “Darte Frères” or “Darte Palais-Royal”.  “Darte Frères” was granted Imperial appointment by Her Majesty Laetitia, Napoleon’s mother, in 1809. In 1821 “Darte l’Ainé “closed out. After 1823 the last factory produced pieces stamped “Darte Père” and closed permanently in 1828.