Derain, Gilles

Gilles Derain is a French designer born in 1944. We know him through his famous homage to the French design Pierre Chareau with the floor lamp MPC "Merci Pierre Chareau". It is both a tribute and a thank you. Derain is first trained in design with a merchant look. He was also among the first to discover the creators of the UAM, Union of Modern Artists.

He is now a renowned specialist in the history of decorative arts and a versatile designer, creating lamps, furniture, carpets, jewelery ... a few pieces have earned him international commercial success and institutional recognition (Museum of Decorative Arts of Montreal ).

Co-founder and artistic director of Lumen Center, he is at the origin of a collection of lighting with a sleek design, marked by an artistic japonisation of the line, very strong in the 80's.

In 1985, Gilles Derain designs furniture for Pentalux. For this occasion, he created the famous Balla table, chromed steel tribute to the great Giacomo Balla (1871-1958), master of the Italian futuristic movement.