Gigante Gian Nicola, Boccato Marinela, Zambusi Antonio

Gian Nicola Gigante, Marinela Boccato and Antonio Zambusi are three multidisciplinary Italian designers They are also architects. The same desire to respect the rehabilitation of old buildings habits them, which does not prevent them from also being at the origin of several modern buildings. What are they regularly worth to appear in the most advanced magazines of the field.

Gigante and Boccato are graduated of the Institute of Architecture of Venice (IUAV) and members of the association of architects of Treviso.

Zambusi (also a graduate of the IUAV, is a member of the architects of Padova).

They followed the class of the most recognized designers today, such as Franco Albini, Tobia Scarpa or Ignazio Gardella. Now, Zambusi teaches contemporary architecture at the University of Padova.

As for their creations, they collaborate today with publishers like Zerbetto, BBB, Omfa or Luci Italia.